I am the current President of The Molinara Club. I have been President since 2016 and before that Vice President for about 8 years.
I was not born in Molinara I was born in Adelaide – SO what attracted me to The Molinara Club well my father Rocco and my 3 bothers and 2 sisters who were all born in Molinara and migrated to Adelaide in the 1950s so that’s my connection to the club.

I have visited Molinara 3 times as we have many family members living there.

I have great support from my family being President of the club. My son Matthew has been a committee member for the past 6 years and also have some nephews and nieces involved in various ways.

My wife Enza and I try to support as many functions as possible held at The Molinara Club and we are well supported by our family and friends.

My brother Joseph Baldino was the founding President in 1971 so for me it’s an honour to be the current President after 50 years of The Molinara Club’s existence.
For this Club to still be operating as a community and cultural club is a credit to its many volunteers and supporters who have spent many tireless hours to keep our doors open for our members and community to come and enjoy.

In closing I really hope that we can get a influx of – Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren of our elderly members to get involved in the club so we can keep up our Unique and Wonderful Traditions

My best wishes to all the members

Viva Molinara

Your President
John Baldino